Deadpan Exchange

an international curatorial project in collaboration with Heidi Hove: 2007 present


Deadpan Exchange is a series of international exhibitions that are rooted in the art historical concept of deadpan humor. While the Deadpan Exchange series serves as a means of exploring deadpan communication on an international scale, it also serves as a way to bring diverse groups of artists together from different places in the world and begin a dialog that might not otherwise take place outside of formal institutions.

The series, which is organized by Danish artist Heidi Hove and myself began in Copenhagen, Denmark in the summer of 2007 and has since been in Berlin, San Francisco and Izmir, Turkey. With each show, 7 new artists are pulled into the exchange.

The main premise of the Deadpan Exchange series is twofold. 1) The work must be deadpan. And 2) The work must be a reaction to the previous work. For example, there are 7 American artists who recently took their work to Turkey. Their work was a reaction to the 7 Danish artists who exhibited in San Francisco. The American at the K2 Center for Contemporary Art in Izmir Turkey April-May 2009. And from there 7 Turkish artists will create reactions to their works. The only communication between the artists must be through the work they create.

The Deadpan series is still a work in progress, with shows planned for two more international locations and then a return back to Copenhagen in 2011 for an exhibition that will include all the artists’ works from throughout the entire series.

The series has been supported generously by the Danish Arts Council, the Babro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, and generous contributions from individual donors.

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