A brief History of Deadpan

performance: in the guise of a presentation, Koh-i-noor Copenhagen, Denmark: 2007


A brief History of Deadpan was a live presentation/performance  that took place at Koh-i-noor in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 8th, 2007 as part of Deadpan Exchange Part I, which was organized by Heidi Hove.  It was a collaboration with the Danish artist Brian Enevoldsen, who acted as the Danish interpreter (a role which created even more confusion under the guise of clarity because almost all Danes in Copenhagen speak English effortlessly).  The performance, which was presented as a lecture on the history of the deadpan aesthetic in contemporary art, slowly fell apart due to  AV and personal, emotional issues of the presenter.  The conceptual aim of the performance was to take the viewer to the grey area between black and white facts and directly into the messiness of interpretation…and reality.