Self Portrait as a PowerPoint Proposal (installation)

Full title:  Self Portrait as a PowerPoint Proposal for an Amusement Park Ride

Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA for Likeness show, curated by Elaine King.  Oct. 09-March 2010

The PowerPoint video portion from this installation is an official Selection of the 2011 San Francisco Film Festival April 21st-May 5th 2011.  Information on screenings and show times can be found at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

full installation

Installation: built-out janitor’s closet, cell phone video converted to 8mm film (TRT 6 min), projector, leak in ceiling, bucket, caution sign, plastic tarp, projector, screen and PowerPoint presentation (TRT 6 Min), dimensions variable

PowerPoint presentation and Leak

The installation consists of a main room with a self running PowerPoint presentation, a leak in the ceiling (which drips into a bucket) and a Janitor’s closet, with a door that never completely closes.  It always stays slightly ajar, but there is no indication that it is part of the show.  Inside the closet are the actual custodial supplies from the museum which have been transferred to the space and an 8 mm projection on a looped projector.

janitor closet interior with looped 8 mm. projector