Sydhavn Station (Installation + video)

Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen Denmark
March-April 2016
Patricia Esquivia, Lindsey White and Jonn Herschend. Curated by Heidi Hove

Banner 1 translated: Congratulations Sydhavn, Finalist for Station of the Year, plus potential tourist destination, Let Us Not be Beaten by Other (stations).

My installation for the show was a site specific fiction involving Mark, a man who works for a corporation that creates Train Station awards. By placing Sydhavn as a finalist for this award, he is hoping to capture the attention of Lisa, a woman with whom he once had an affair, and who potentially lives close to the station and will see that his intentions are real… if slightly misguided.

The installation involves an Official Train Station Song and Music Video (music written and produced by Silas Hite, and lyrics by Jonn Herschend), 4 vinyl banners, a brochure, promotional buttons, and two cakes.

Official train station song, lyrics by Jonn Herschend, music written and performed by Silas Hite. Featuring the acting/dancing skills of Mikkel Rygaard, Milla Dalsgaard, and Nicolai Jandorf.

Translated: Sydhavn is Finalist, Train station of the year, LISA!, and potential tourist destination (more information inside).

Translation: Sydhavn is Finalist, Train Station of the Year, LISA! and Potential Tourist destination.