The Book You Said I Never Returned (installation)

Full title:  The Book You Said I Never Returned, plus three to five pastorals

Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, November-December 22, 2011

The following is photo documentation of the 2011 solo exhibition of the show: which attempted to prove through use of installation (video, painting, PowerPoint presentation, photography, and gallery materials) that in fact a book was returned. Read the review of the show from KQED arts by Jeremiah Barber.

South view: cubical, PowerPoint, projector, extension cord, photo, paintings, waiting room chairs, glass table and potted plants,  dimensions variable

detail of photo:  Exhibit C, Chromogenic print on Fuji archive paper, 22″x 33″, 2011

detail, Frame story: cubical, photos, goauche on paper, potted office plant,  dimensions variable

Detail, PowerPoint viewing area (pastorals 1-3): extension cord, viewing chair, filing cabinet, collapsible projection screen, projector, potted office plant

Installation detail (North view) Pastoral no. 4:  cubical, potted office plant, oil on panel, goauche on paper, dimensions variable

installation detail, Pastoral no. 4, oil on panel 48″ x 48″

Pastoral, 2011 Chromogenic print on Fuji archive paper, 20×18 inches, edition 10

Pastoral no. 5 from Jonn Herschend on Vimeo.

Pastoral no. 5, HD Video, 2011, TRT 5:00