The Man who Disappeared into his own Clothes Pile

a site-specific fiction in collaboration with Invisible Venue 2007-2008

The man who disappeared into his own clothes pile

The Man Who Disappeared into his own Clothes Pile was a site-specific fiction that was installed in collaboration with Christian Frock of  Invisible Venue in an apartment room in West Oakland, CA from Nov. 2007 to Jan. 2008. The installation consisted of the actual room where the man disappeared into his clothes pile. The room contained his personal effects, including his cot, sleeping bag, remaining pizza, wine, journal, book (The Windup Bird Chronicle), lamp, clothes pile and note from Linda Cole. The room also contained a hand lathed pine bat with the words, “When I come through this I will be pure,” which was hand burned into its side. Accompanying this installation was a 10 minute documentation of the disappearance complete with interviews of neighbors, co-workers and experts on clothes pile disappearances. In the processes of creating the documentary, the filmmaker disappeared.  Viewers were encouraged to sort through the personal effects and read the man’s journal. They were asked to wear latex gloves.


Invisible Venue commissioned 3 and ½ editions for this project. Editions are sold out.

Video Excerpt

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The video, which features Ali Dadgar, Christian Frock, Aaron Stienstra, Anne Walsh, Cody Giannotti, Christina Lowery and Thomas Lazur, is a documentation regarding the mysterious disappearance of the man.  As the documentary progresses, the narrator is slowly pulled further and further into the story until he ultimately disappears.    Written and directed by Jonn Herschend. TRT 10 min.  Digital video. 2008