Theme Song For Cleveland & Akron (installation+video)

FRONT International
July 14-Sept 30th 2018
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH

Commissioned for FRONT International 2018, Theme Song for Cleveland and Akron, is a collaboration with Composer Silas Hite and larger exploration into narrative structure, this time looking at the narrative of a region and the music video as delivery vehicle. The video was created to be exhibited in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so the form needed to match the venue. The lyrics to the song were gathered via survey and assembled by Silas and me. The music was composed by Silas and the band is comprised of musicians from the region. We recorded at Tri-C Community College in Cleveland and mastered it in LA. The video, which was produced by Chris Ohlson, shot by Drew Xanthopoulos and edited by David Blinn, features the Shaw High School Marching Band, the Burning River Roller Derby Girls, D Squared Step Dance Troop and the Zumba dancers of Cleveland. We found iconic locations around the city and invited citizens to participate.