What Remains (performance)

Berkeley Art Museum, part of the Society of Secrets organized by Joseph del Pesco, April 30th 2010

What Remains (Performance)

This was a 30 minute performance that took place within the Berkeley Art Museum as part of the evening’s theme of secret activities. Visitors were not alerted to the fact that a performance was taking place.

Performance: A man and a woman walk through the galleries looking at art, their relationship begins to unravel. It becomes more and more apparent to the woman that her husband is dressing her up in clothes that his boss wears… particularly her shoes. She believes that perhaps he is having an affair. The performance ends with a very loud and heated argument at the center of the museum. The woman takes her shoes off and throws them at the man, but they miss and instead knock over a sculpture. She runs from the museum without shoes, crying.

woman: Christina Lowery
man: Tom Lazur
sculpture: created by Kirk Stoller