Why This Drawing Cannot Stand Alone

An installation: a PowerPoint presentation, two photo copied letters, a vanished artist and an apology from the gallery:  2008-2009

why this drawing cannot stand alone

“Why This Drawing Cannot Stand Alone”
by Martin Thebes
(in place of “a drawing from the happiest time in my life” by Jonn Herschend)

video monitor or projector (dvd player), self running powerpoint, message from the gallery mounted on ¼ inch 20×30 inch foam core, a tripod stand, and copied/framed hand written note mounted on wall on wall, 2008-2009

The piece has been exhibited at And/Or Gallery in Dallas Texas in a show curated by Keri Oldham and at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art in a show curated by Ray Beldner.  The installation appears to be a last minute swap due to a problem with the artist and his work.  Viewers first see the message on the foam core mounted apology (see below) from the institution.  They then see the hand written note (from Jonn) and the presentation by Martin.  The underlying notion of the piece is that something has happened during the making of the drawing.   The absence of the drawing and the switching of the artists creates a tension and a confusion that can only be addressed by plowing into the narrative.   This piece becomes a physical narrative about a drawing that is not present.  And the only way to engage this story is to distill it through the three points of information: drawn (written), one typed, and one animated (PowerPoint).

This piece was reviewed in the Dallas Morning News and Martin Thebes received his first review ever.

Presentation by Martin Thebes

place video here

Self running powerpoint presentation transferred to DVD, 8 min. 2008-9

Below is the text for the apology from the gallery

and:or apology